White Paper: Verdict On Project Management For Lawyers

Nov 30, 2023
Surveying over 550 attorneys, we uncovered crucial insights on how lawyers manage their day, their technology needs, and the effectiveness of project management tools. Full white paper and executive summary can be found here:
Key Highlights Include:
  • A staggering 83% of lawyers report their firms never inquire about their tech needs.
  • 80% identify project management as their top technological necessity.
  • 77% still rely on email for project management, highlighting a significant pain point.
  • 61% have never utilized a project management tool, yet 66% of those who have, affirm its benefits.
🤝 Collaboration with Cheryl Wilson Griffin created this enlightening & comprehensive white paper, shedding light on these critical issues.
💡 Why This Matters: As law firms strive for efficiency and excellence, understanding these trends is vital. Our findings offer a roadmap for innovation teams to revolutionize legal project management.
🌟 We invite all legal innovation teams to explore these insights and consider how advanced project management tools can elevate your attorneys’ practice. Let’s get organized!