Built with the highest industry security standards and best practices.

Work with Peace of Mind

We know how crucial security is to any law firm, so we built our platform to stringent standards. From easy to manage access controls to secure storage and data delivery, we've designed a system you can use with true peace of mind.
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Access controls

Role-based access control is at your fingertips. You manage who has access to your organization, and enable team members to manage access for the resources (clients/workstreams/documents) that they own.

Authentication requirements

Your users can register with SAML SSO, Office 365, or email. You may enforce multi-factor authentication or password requirements.

Audit logs

All administrative actions are recorded and made available for search and export.

Deployment Options

You may host your application on our servers, choose to deploy it in our single-tenant VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), or host your own managed kubernetes cluster. We support deployments all across the globe if you have data governance restrictions.

Data storage and transit

Your data is encrypted at rest in our database layer, and encrypted in transit via https. Documents stored on our servers are encrypted at the filesystem level.

Infrastructure Security

Our data centers follow security management best practices and enforce comprehensive security controls, and are of course ISO 27001 certified.

Business continuity

We take regular backups of your data and can revert to a previous state at any time. Documents are replicated in several regions, just in case. Our deployments are represented in infrastructure-as-code, so spinning up another cluster is easy.

Security testing

Our servers, documents, and open-source packages are regularly tested for security vulnerabilities and kept up to date.