Dashboard Legal vs. Market Project Management Tools

Nov 13, 2023

This document compares Dashboard Legal to general project management tools MS Teams, Asana, Monday.com and HighQ, specifically in:

  • Structure & Purpose
  • How it’s built
  • How it’s used
  • Time to value

Our thesis is this: General purpose project management tools have dozens of features, wikis, bots and buttons etc. that requires a tremendous amount of configuration and setup. These tools were designed to be used by anyone in any profession. And to be effective, they require adoption by an entire organization.

Dashboard Legal on the other hand, is simple. And every single feature is included for one reason: to facilitate better legal workWe don’t shy away from the fact that DBL does less than market solutions – we’re proud of it

If you’re looking to compare general project management tools to legal focused project management tools, this document is for you.