Artificial Lawyer covers the innovation and value of Dashboard Legal

Jan 27, 2022

Lawyers spend 66% of their day working with emails, according to new research. Dashboard Legal wants to change that by providing a collaboration and project management platform that lawyers will actually use.

As founder Mat Rotenberg explained to Artificial Lawyer, email was never designed to be used as the primary way lawyers conduct their work, yet many seem to be stuck there. Moreover, although there are already collaboration tools in the market, which in theory should enable a better approach, those tools often are not designed for the very particular way that lawyers operate.

‘Lawyers focus on two things: clients and matters, and with these they have documents and emails,’ he noted, and stressed that lawyers work in a very canalised way where sharing everything with everyone just doesn’t make sense.

This need for control, for strands of bi-lateral communication, rather than the ‘open-plan’ approach to messaging and project management provided by Slack, Teams, Asana and others, can make generalist tools a difficult fit for law firms. And it’s what keeps lawyers stuck in their inboxes, Rotenberg noted.

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