Tired of switching between email threads, apps and workarounds?

Tired of switching between email threads, apps and workarounds?

Dashboard Legal lets you and your team work right from your inbox - by transforming it into a unified workspace for all the materials related to a case or transaction.

Sort Emails Automatically

Whether you have 2 or 200 clients, practicing law shouldn't mean managing emails. Leverage automation to move fast, automatically sorting your emails to the designated dashboard.

Manage The Work

No more updating and circulating MS Word checklists. Track deadlines, assign tasks and visualize progress in real time within each dashboard.

Sync Your Existing Systems

Our state-of-the-art integrations mean you can open, save, and organize iManage and Netdocs documents right from within Dashboard Legal.

Connect Your Team

Why keep internal communications in disjointed and siloed email chains? Work together in real-time with chat. Reserve email for work product.

For Teams of One and Teams of Many

Collaboration Made Easy


Junior Associates

Gain visibility into what your colleagues are doing and how your work fits into the puzzle. With open lines of communication, you can learn and find new opportunities to add value.


Mid-level & Senior Attorneys

Checking-off tasks and visualizing progress is oh so satisfying. Assign tasks, keep track of progress. Increase responsibility and accountability across your team.



Get granular, or stay high-level and lead your team with confidence. You'll get better contributions from your lawyers and they'll thank you for it.



Work with peace of mind. Dashboard Legal is built with the highest industry security standards and best practices.

Access Controls

Role-based access control is at your fingertips. You manage who has access to your organization, and enable team members to manage access for the resources (clients/workstreams/documents) that they own.


You may host your application on our servers, choose to deploy it in our single-tenant VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), or host your own managed kubernetes cluster. We support deployments all across the globe if you have data governance restrictions.

Data Storage & Transit

Your data is encrypted at rest in our database layer, and encrypted in transit via https. Documents stored on our servers are encrypted at the filesystem level.

Build Your Dashboard, Your Way

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